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The Moen Pedal Bridge 2 is pedal board which can hold 10+pcs popular guitar pedals and a pedal switcher (Check MOEN Switcher GEC9, GEC8 JR, GEC438). It easily hold 14 Standard sized stompbox pedals with some spare room. It's a very sturdy yet light weight under 2.5kg. The bars comes with strong velcro, easy to attach guitar pedals. The power supply holder can be easily installed and perfect for holding most popular pedal power supplies. The softbag is also available. By the way, you may even cascade two Pedal Bridges into a super big pedal board!

Material: Alloy Aluminum bars and wings
Frame Size: 59.5(L)x39.5(W)x8.5(H)cm
weight: 2.5kg
Power supply holder size: 6"L x 3.4"W x 1.8"H (152x86x44mm)
option: Softbag











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