Tax cuts and fee reductions set out the focus of the whole year

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"Increase the value-added tax threshold for small-scale taxpayers from monthly sales of 100,000 yuan to 150,000 yuan." "Continue to implement the 75% deduction policy for enterprise research and development expenses, and increase the additional deduction ratio for manufacturing enterprises to 100%." …The government work report puts forward a series of new measures to optimize and implement tax reduction policies, "real money" to stabilize enterprises and ensure employment, "one more help" to relieve market players, and help enterprises restore vitality and increase vitality.

In the past year, in the face of severe and complex situations and with relatively difficult fiscal revenues and expenditures, my country has continuously announced the implementation of 7 batches of 28 tax and fee reduction policies. The scale of new tax cuts and fees exceeded 2.6 trillion yuan. In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", how will tax and fee reduction be optimized? The government work report proposes to continue to implement systemic tax reduction policies, extend the implementation period of certain phased policies such as value-added tax concessions for small-scale taxpayers, implement new structural tax reduction measures, and hedge the impact of some policy adjustments.

Regarding the consideration of this year's tax and fee reduction policies, Minister of Finance Liu Kun gave a detailed explanation in the interview event of the "Ministerial Channel" on March 5. The first is that the institutional tax and fee reduction policies will continue to be implemented. Liu Kun said: "In recent years, the deepening of the value-added tax reform and the special additional deductions for personal income tax and other institutional tax and fee reduction policies will continue to be implemented this year. The policy stacking effect will continue to be released, and the burden reduction of enterprises and individuals will become more and more obvious. "

Second, the phased tax and fee reduction policy will be withdrawn in due course. Liu Kun stated that, on the basis of research and demonstration, some of the phased tax and fee policies introduced in 2020 will be appropriately extended, and some will be suspended when they expire, and no "sudden brakes" will be applied.

In addition, the tax and fee concessions for small and micro enterprises have been significantly strengthened. At the same time, we must resolutely stop the "three chaos" of arbitrary charges, arbitrary fines, and arbitrary apportionment. "Financial departments at all levels will calculate large and long-term accounts, overcome the immediate pressure of revenue and expenditure, resolutely reduce the tax cuts and reduce the fees in place, and help enterprises to go into battle and develop better." Liu Kun emphasized. .

The government work report released a package of tax cuts, including manufacturing super deductions, which aroused heated discussions among representatives and industry experts during the two sessions.

"Optimizing and implementing tax reduction policies is still a key task in 2021." Zhang Bin, vice president of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that among them, the promotion of small, medium and micro enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households that are most directly affected by the epidemic and have a large number of The policy of the value-added tax threshold and the halving of the income tax is of great significance to further consolidate the economic fundamentals and promote the economic operation in a reasonable range. In addition, targeted optimization of tax reduction policies is an important measure to promote enterprises to lead development with innovation. "Various tax and fee reduction policies must be truly implemented to further enhance the sense of acquisition of market players and reduce the cost of enjoying preferential tax and fee policies."

Talking about the background and significance of the policy of "increasing the percentage of deductions for manufacturing enterprises to 100%", Fan Yong, a professor at the School of Finance and Taxation of the Central University of Finance and Economics, said that there are currently three major categories and five major incentives for corporate technological innovation in China. Tax incentives. Among them, the R&D cost plus deduction policy is more inclusive and practical, and can better serve the purpose of stimulating enterprise R&D.

At the second plenary meeting of the Fourth Session of the 13th CPPCC National Committee held on the 7th, Zhang Lianqi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of the China Taxation Society, said in a speech at the conference that the continuity and stability of fiscal and taxation policies should be maintained in 2021. Give "Chinese medicine conditioning" to economic recovery growth, and prescribe "reassurance pills" instead of making sharp turns. The government should live a "tight life" in exchange for a "stable life" for market players and a "good life" for the people. He suggested that the taxes that should be reduced should be reduced, the fees that should be reduced should be reduced to the place, the expenditures that should be reduced to the end, and the taxes and fees that should be collected should be collected. Efforts will be made to optimize the implementation mechanism of tax and fee reduction, reduce the "temperature difference" between the policy of helping enterprises and the people and the market players, and smooth the "last mile" of tax and fee reduction. In addition, focus on the combination of phased policies and institutional arrangements, the combination of tax reduction and fee reduction and the improvement of the tax system, and the combination of benefiting enterprises and the people and enhancing fiscal sustainability. Support high-quality development with tax incentives that encourage innovation, and encourage market players to increase R&D intensity.

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