Support measures are intensive and the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry accelerates again

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From reducing the cost of SMEs going to the cloud, to establishing industrial production funds, to building pillar industry clusters, leading companies are actively working on the industrial Internet to accelerate the digital transformation of manufacturing. At the same time, the central government is strengthening a new round of policy support, focusing on funding, technology, and support platforms to cultivate digital workshops, smart factories, and accelerate the implementation of the industrial Internet to promote the integrated development of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing. Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

In Guangzhou, the custom home furnishing industry is gaining support from local government policies, but many small and medium-sized enterprises are unable to open up e-commerce platforms and designer platforms, and many design drafts in the software cannot be converted into production orders. Shugen Interconnect and many companies have jointly created a "Global Customized Home Furnishing Industry Chain Platform" based on the Root Cloud platform, which connects multiple production links such as order conversion, personalized customization, flexible production, and transparent delivery to support the digital transformation of home furnishing SMEs. complete in one step".

He Dongdong, CEO and co-founder of Shugen Internet, told the reporter of "Economic Information Daily" that most SMEs have very limited IT foundations and informatization. They rely on their own strength to achieve digitalization. It can be said that it is a process from 0 to 1, which involves A lot of input cost, trial and error cost, time cost, etc. Through the industrial Internet platform, SMEs can accelerate digital transformation in a low-threshold, low-cost, and highly reliable way.

This is just a microcosm. With the empowerment of new-generation information technologies such as 5G and the Industrial Internet, leading companies are racing to increase and upgrade their smart manufacturing layout. Aerospace Science and Industry said that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it will be committed to building a pillar industry cluster for cybersecurity, smart industry, 5G + industrial Internet + smart manufacturing; Inspur Cloud initiated the establishment of the Digital Vientiane Ecological Partner Program, released smart manufacturing solutions, and built 5 billion Industrial Internet Industry Ecological Fund to accelerate the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

"Affected by the epidemic and policy stimulus, more and more traditional enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have awakened their awareness of digital transformation, and have begun to more actively seek digital transformation paths suitable for their own characteristics." China Electronics Information Industry Development Institute Information Technology and Gao Yingmei, director of the Digital Transformation Research Office of the Software Industry Research Institute, said that in the context of the reshaping of the global industrial structure, accelerating digital transformation is conducive to hedging uncertain risks and ensuring the stability and competitiveness of the industrial supply chain.

Behind the acceleration of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises, central government policy support is indispensable. The National Industry and Information Work Conference held at the end of last year proposed that in 2021, the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry should be accelerated, the main direction of intelligent manufacturing should be adhered to, the digital foundation of the manufacturing industry should be consolidated, and the resilience of the industrial chain supply chain should be strengthened. Carry out the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, accelerate the innovation and development of the industrial Internet, develop intelligent manufacturing and service-oriented manufacturing, and improve software support capabilities.

At the recent two local conferences, accelerating smart manufacturing and digital transformation has also become the focus of deployment in 2021. For example, Tianjin proposes to vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing and build 100 digital workshops and intelligent factories; Shanxi will promote the transformation and upgrading of basic industries and accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation. Build 10 smart demonstration coal mines, build 1,000 smart mining working faces, build smart manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprises and benchmark projects, cultivate 200 smart factories and digital workshops, and build an industrial Internet platform; Jilin will vigorously develop industrial Internet and smart manufacturing , Internet of Vehicles and other convergent new industries and new formats, do a good job of demonstration of 100 enterprises, transformation of 1000 enterprises, integration of 10,000 enterprises, and speed up the digital transformation of enterprises.

It is worth noting that the Industrial Internet, as an important starting point to promote the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, is ushering in the support of multiple sources of funds. The "Industrial Internet Innovation and Development Action Plan (2021-2023)" released a few days ago proposes to guide venture capital companies/funds to increase investment in industrial Internet start-ups. Support insurance funds and qualified asset management products to invest in industrial Internet-related industry funds under the premise of compliance with laws and regulations, in accordance with the principles of controllable risks and voluntary business. At the local level, Chengdu proposed that for industrial Internet public service projects approved by the state, a one-time subsidy of 10% of the actual funds available from the central government will be given, up to a maximum of 10 million yuan. Foshan proposed that it will further support industrial Internet benchmarking demonstration projects in 2021, and the support funds for a single project will not exceed 3 million yuan.

However, industry insiders also said that the current slow transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises and the incomplete industrial ecosystem are still bottlenecks that restrict the digital development of the manufacturing industry. Gao Yingmei pointed out that looking forward to 2021, various state-owned enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises need to accelerate data-driven and platform-supported to promote online and offline application scenarios and the in-depth integration of traditional craftsmanship and emerging business formats. At the same time, relying on the digital platform to further open up the data channels of upstream and downstream enterprises, promote omni-channel, full-link supply and demand allocation and precise docking, guide small and medium-sized enterprises to use the platform, use data, change models, and transfer business, and gradually form an efficient industrial chain and supply chain. Flexible configuration and integration of large and medium-sized enterprises will further promote the expansion, quality and efficiency of intelligent manufacturing.

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