Starting from January 1 this year, the percentage of deductions for manufacturing enterprises’ R&D expenses will be increased to 100%

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The executive meeting of the State Council held on March 24 deployed and implemented policies such as increasing the percentage of additional deductions for manufacturing enterprises’ R&D expenses to encourage enterprise innovation and promote industrial upgrading.

The meeting pointed out that in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, it is necessary to make better use of the role of enterprise innovation as the main body, make more use of market-oriented, fair and inclusive incentive policies, spur enterprises and the whole society to increase R&D investment, strengthen economic development, and promote economic structure optimization . In recent years, the tax incentives for the deduction of R&D expenses have been continuously increased, which has effectively promoted corporate innovation.

In order to implement the "Government Work Report" measures to support enterprise innovation, the meeting decided:

1. Starting from January 1 this year, the additional deduction ratio for R&D expenses of manufacturing enterprises will be increased from 75% to 100%, which is equivalent to a deduction of 2 million yuan from taxable income for every 1 million yuan invested in research and development expenses. The implementation of this policy is expected to reduce taxes by more than 360 billion yuan last year, and an additional 80 billion yuan in tax cuts for enterprises this year. This institutional arrangement is the most powerful policy among structural tax cuts this year.

2. Reform the calculation method for the settlement and payment of R&D expenses, allowing enterprises to choose to enjoy the preferential deduction for half a year. The R&D expenses in the first half of the year will be changed from the deduction when the income tax is settled and paid in the following year to the prepayment in October of the current year. The deduction will benefit the enterprise as soon as possible.

At the same time, it is necessary to study tax support policies for technology R&D service companies and "double innovation" companies.

The meeting requested that it be necessary to strengthen policy presentation and interpretation, optimize tax services, streamline the review process, improve the convenience of enterprises to enjoy policies, and do good things well.

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