GEC9 2nd Edition



The guitar pedal switcher is a super easy, simple and reliable manual device. It allows you to switch between different effects pedals with just one press of a button. The switcher is designed to be robust and reliable, so you can trust it to work every time. It also features an LED indicator to show which effect is currently active. With its intuitive design and straightforward operation, the guitar pedal switcher is the perfect tool for any guitarist looking to quickly and easily switch between different effects.For a gigging musician who enjoys using multiple effects pedals this unit is a bit of no-brianer. Solid in construction and simple in operation, it is a great solution to a common problem. The GEC9 guitar effects Commander doesn’t add any noticeable colouration to your tone, and like pretty much everything these days. it features full bypass, so you can kick everything out of your tone chain whenever you want to get back to your core sound. Just make sure you leave enough in your budget for plenty of quality patch cables to allow your effects routing desires to come true.

- Guitar and Bass Magzine

GEC9 offers unprecedented control over your guitar effect system.


1. Recall presets instantly, 50 presets ( 5 presets/bank x 10banks).

2. 6 Series loops and 3 separate loops.

3. The separate loops can be used as latched switches for AMP channel switching, switching AMP channel by one preset!

4. Each separate loop can be used as programmable A/B two way selector.

5. There are two output jacks which are able to output to two AMPs at the same time.

6. "POP" cancellation circuit, elimintes "POP" sound when switch effects.

7. Instant MUTE design. The MUTE is also a "Switch to TUNER" switch.

8. Buffered input/ Non-Bufferred input option.

9. Standard negative center DC9V power supply.

10. Wide switch distance avoid misstepping, 70mm/2.76inch switch distance.

11. Ultra Compact Enclosure Size: 430(L)x95(W)x30(H)mm / 16.9(L)x3.54(W)x3.74(H)inch.


Check out the July 2011 edition of Guitar and Bass magazine for their review of the Moen GEC9 Awarded a massive 90%


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GEC9 2nd Edition
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